About the Company

InterBinary was founded in Glasgow, Scotland in 2002. We are an independent Information Technology and Internet solutions and services company.

The company is a leading provider of Website Content Management (WCM) solutions in Scotland. From the beginning, our strategy has been to deliver Internet and Web solutions to the marketplace, primarily based on website content management systems (CMS). We have maintained this approach more than 20 years.

Our specialisms and the range of solutions and services we deliver place InterBinary in the category of Enterprise Technology Agency.

Internet and Web

InterBinary delivers IT, Web and Internet services:

  • website development / web development services
  • content management systems implementation and development
  • website and application hosting on our secure dedicated servers

Technical solutions / Sub-contract services

We provide Professional Services Consultancy and support services in Web/Internet-related areas. We offer specialist technical services to other organisations on a sub-contract basis to complement their own in-house capabilities.

We typically partner with or sub-contract to Marketing and PR Agencies, Design and Advertising Agencies, Digital Agencies and Full Service Agencies.

We provide the expertise needed to fulfil the technical build of solutions to meet the creative, business and marketing goals of our partners.
See our Services page for further details.

Services - more detail

Read more about our range of services on our services page.