Websites, CMS, Hosting and Web Development Services available from InterBinary

Website Content Management Systems

InterBinary was formed in 2002 with the specific purpose of delivering Website Content Management Systems Solutions in Scotland.

Initially the company was the sole appointed reseller in Scotland and Ireland for the Mediasurface CMS (later named Morello and now Alterian ACM).

Our Professional Services consultants have played key roles in implementing major corporate systems using this CMS, continuing to this day.

Nowadays, InterBinary no longer re-sells third party CMS products, enabling the company to deliver services and solutions from a variety of vendors and Open Source systems, as well as bespoke content management systems and our own SaaS Hosted CMS.

Find out more about our Website Content Management Systems expertise at our dedicated microsite:

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Websites & Hosting

When commissioned to build a website, we typically receive completed graphic designwork directly from a customer or via a design agency. If the end customer has no designwork, InterBinary can engage one of our preferred agencies to create this. We then convert this designwork into dynamic database-driven websites, with or without CMS capabilities as required. In the case of CMS websites, the supplied designwork is converted into CMS templates without actual fixed content, and this is acquired in real-time from supporting databases when pages are requested by website visitors.

We can also create simple, static, "brochure"-type websites or microsites for specific campaigns.

Once you have a website (or web application) it must be placed on a Web Server to provide reliable and fast access for your visitors and customers.

InterBinary offers various hosting options, ranging from our own dedicated server to shared webspace with our secondary service provider. We also offer a range of backup options to safeguard your website and data.

Web Development Services


As well as complete website builds, we also offer technical development services for specialised sections of projects, where we can be your "go-to" company for those "difficult technical tasks" - these are what we do best.

Technologies we use

  • (Server) Programming:
    PHP, Java (J2EE), JSP, UNIX shells
  • Databases:
  • Website Content Management Systems:
    Alterian ACM (Mediasurface Morello), Joomla, InterBinary SaaS CMS, bespoke CMS solutions
  • Integration, data acquisition, feeds and syndication:
  • Website front-end technologies:
    HTML, XHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Web Server Software:
    Apache HTTP server, Tomcat Servlet container
  • Operating Systems:
    Linux, all versions of UNIX